Monday, July 18, 2011

So Many New Things To Share, Including a New Sweet Niece, Too!

It's been forever since I've posted! And so much has happened. Little Miss Bennet is over 2 years old. Can you believe it! Guess what she got as an early birthday gift . . .a cutie little sister, Miss Ruby Lee! An absolutely adorable duo. I love them so so much.

We went on a quick, trip to celebrate Benny's belated birthday. Benny had her b-day party earlier in March along with the baby shower for Miss Ruby, but Auntie could not make it. It was so sad. Auntie got a virus, had an allergic reaction to sulfur medicine, and ended up in the ER. Oh, dear! We made up for it.

We had lots of yummy food and played outside. Benny wore the tutu I made her - picture attached. Mama told me that she only wears purple or pink - such a girly-girl. We ate lolli pops that made us look like bunnies. Lots of fun. I got to hold and hug little Ruby. She is so sweet.

It's amazing to know that Ruby is now over three months old. They actually came in for July 4th weekend. It was lots of fun. Benny played outside with the Sprinkler ball we got her and Uncle John made hot wings. We also bought 100 egg rolls from Bistro B. I think we had over 50 egg rolls left. Oops! Benny ate like 10 of them - we were so proud. Then we played some more and made Ruby a sweet ruby-colored tutu. He he he.

That's about it for now. We hope to see them again really soon. Love you much, Babes!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Craft for Benny, MaMa, DaDa, and MiMi Pug . . . and Baby Pea 2

Auntie made this Giving Thanks Tree for Benny, her MaMa, her DaDa, and MiMi Pug! Benny's MaMa and DaDa had only one gift wish for Christmas, and it was a giving thanks tree made of felt and other fabrics from Pottery Barn Kids - Fall 2010 Catalogue. Each little leaf was a pocket where you can put a note of thanks for each day of November . . kind of like an advent calendar. They thought this would be fun for Benny next Thanksgiving. Unfortunately, when Auntie went online to buy it, they were all sold out! Oh no. Auntie was so sad. Booo hooo hooo!

What to do? Search in stores? No luck . . . obviously a popular item. This was before Thanksgiving, so Auntie thought she would have plenty of time to put her mad sewing skillz, Brother sewing machine, and boxes and boxes of fabric to good use. Success, I think. It's a little quirkier than the PB tree, but it is so Palafoxy! Auntie hopes you like it. I had fun making it. Save Auntie a leafy pocket for my note next year . . . Auntie is thankful for family, good health, happy days, and sweet little nieces and nephews - ones that are here and ones that are almost here! Love you!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Auntie and Benny Christmas Mix Up

We had a fantastic time with family over Christmas break. On December 23rd, we went and put some flowers and wreath down for Benny's YaYa (Auntie's, Mama's, and Daaaaaaan's Mama). Benny's Mama got a great picture of Benny's first experience visiting YaYa. Benny is such a sweet little one. Afterwards, Popeye treated all of us to dinner at Cheddar's in celebration of Uncle Daaaaan's belated birthday. This is where the mix-up happened. Our elderly waiter, who could not see well, said at one point he thought Auntie was Benny; however, when Auntie opened her mouth, he realized his mistake. Auntie decided that it must have been the reflection of the lights off of her braces that cleared things up because obviously toddlers would not have braces - only middle aged Asian adults. :( So sad! Poor Auntie! Benny also spent some time playing at Auntie's. The flamingo made another appearance. How fun!