Monday, September 7, 2009

Shoes for Emma

A friend at work has a grandbaby named Emma. She's really sweet, too. I think she's a month younger than Bennet. Emma's auntie found these cute red shoes at She thought they would be perfect holiday shoes. They looked very similar to this pattern I found once on Martha Stewart's site. I did a little search and found them again. Hooray! I printed the pattern and made the shoes. However, the shoes came out to 4 inches long. Hmmmm. . . I'm not sure if they will be too small when the holiday rolls around. Bennet's feet are about 4 inches right now. So I wanted to have a backup plan. No problem, right? I made the pattern bigger until the shoes were 5 inches long. Then, I sewed the shoes. I got a good laugh when I was done. They were like clown shoes for babies! Maybe, it's just me. :( Oh, well. I will give them both to my friend.

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