Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Auntie and Benny Christmas Mix Up

We had a fantastic time with family over Christmas break. On December 23rd, we went and put some flowers and wreath down for Benny's YaYa (Auntie's, Mama's, and Daaaaaaan's Mama). Benny's Mama got a great picture of Benny's first experience visiting YaYa. Benny is such a sweet little one. Afterwards, Popeye treated all of us to dinner at Cheddar's in celebration of Uncle Daaaaan's belated birthday. This is where the mix-up happened. Our elderly waiter, who could not see well, said at one point he thought Auntie was Benny; however, when Auntie opened her mouth, he realized his mistake. Auntie decided that it must have been the reflection of the lights off of her braces that cleared things up because obviously toddlers would not have braces - only middle aged Asian adults. :( So sad! Poor Auntie! Benny also spent some time playing at Auntie's. The flamingo made another appearance. How fun!

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