Tuesday, December 24, 2013


Last month Auntie was talking to Bennet's Mama (aka my sistah) and Bennet wanted to talk to Auntie also...

Auntie:  Hi, Benny!
Bennet:  Hi!
Auntie:  Mama said you had something to tell me.
Bennet:  Yes...for Chistmas, I want R2D2 pants.
Auntie: Oh, ok...I can make (pause because sweet Benny was still talking)
Bennet: and R2D2 shirt and and R2D2 shoes please...Thank you!  Love you, here is Mama.

Auntie Thoughts:  (uh-oh, I thought she was just going to ask for pants.  All I have are jammie pants pattern.  Think, Think, Think...).

A week goes by...no R2D2-only fabric, only Star Wars character block fabric. This will do but I have to check with Benny. She gives a thumbs up. Thank goodness.  Light bulb came on...got some Wonder Under and some metallic silver shoes.  Wah-la!

BTW - She loved it all!!!

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